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Adjuvant Research Services

Adjuvant Research Services is a clinical operations services firm providing study planning, study management, clinical trial monitoring as well as trial rescue services to emerging life science companies developing new products for the oncology and vision care markets.

Our offices are located in Newark, Delaware and Manchester, England. Our regional monitors are well positioned nationally to minimize travel time as well as travel expenses.

Therapeutic Focus


New drug and device development is challenging. Developing new cancer drugs is particularly difficult, however. Drugs in development for cancer indications experienced the lowest clinical trial success rate of all therapeutic areas since 2004*. Clinical trial design and low accrual rates are cited commonly as reasons for failure. Complicated clinical trials requiring difficult to recruit patient populations will continue to struggle without meticulous site selection,study planning and creative ongoing site management initiatives.
Investing time and resources prior to study initiation is critical to preserve project timelines and data integrity.

Vision Care

Leveraging lessons learned from rescuing hundreds of struggling clinical trials, Adjuvant will work with your team using our signature Study PREP program. The right people and right processes for your clinical trial are the most effective drivers of clinical trial efficiency.

Study Planning Study Management Study Monitoring
Protocol Optimization Project Management Site Visits
Site Feasibility Speedy Study Initiation Site Engagement
Study Awareness Contract/Budgets Accrual Management
Patient ID/Education Vendor Management Site Training
Accrual Process Planning Screening/Randomization Report Writing

Develop a strategy for clinical trial success

Just say NO to clinical trial rescue.

Sponsors investing in planning,start-up support and careful progress tracking will increase enrollment rates and decrease enrollment time.

Traditional feasibility questionnaires don't cut it. Challenge sites to prove that they can do it!

Strategic site selection and planning activities along with enrollment validation assessment allow study teams to obtain objective evidence to guide their decision making.

Protocol optimization focus groups and simulation exercises actually work!

Setting up an investigational site for success is a function of understanding their traning needs and creating practical ways to translate the protocols into practice.

It's not only about who is recruited; it's about who is retained!

Getting the right subjects starts with understanding the patient pathway and how patients will navigate throught the healthcare system to learn about and utlimately become enrolled in the trial.

The poor state of clinical research today

95% of clinical trial delays are caused by slow recruitment
70% of clinical trials do not reach recruitment goals
30% of sites do not recruit any subjects
< 5% of adults with cancer enter into clinical trials
* = BIOtechNOW: Oncology Clinical Trials - Secrets of Success